Access Session Materials Before and After IMPACT

Want a sneak peek of the session content? Want to print out materials ahead of time for note taking? If so, you're in luck—presentations* will be available for preview and download starting November 4.

Take Paperless Notes

Using the eventScribe® mobile app provided by CadmiumCD*, you can circle, highlight, and add notes directly to presentation slides during IMPACT, and email yourself a summary of your notes and reference them online post conference.

Get the app by searching for eventScribe for IMPACT 2013 in your app store and enter event code: impact13.

Download and Print Presentations

If you still like to take your notes on paper, you can download and print the presentations before the conference begins (use event code: impact13). If you'd prefer to travel light, presentations can also be printed during IMPACT 2013 at workstations located near the registration and IMPACT information areas.

* Excludes General Sessions.