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October 10–November 13, 2020


IMPACT is an invitation-only event. Registration is subject to approval.

Registering for IMPACT
Earning CE Credits

Registering for IMPACT

What are the conference fees?

Is there a group discount?

What are the available payment methods?

If I can’t attend, can someone attend in my place?

What happens if I must cancel?

Who can register for IMPACT 2020?

My registration is not yet approved. What does that mean, and when will it be approved?

Will services be offered for hearing-impaired attendees?

I can attend for only one day. Can I share my registration?

How do I get registration assistance?

What are the system requirements to view the virtual event?

Is there virtual event support?

Earning CE credits

What type of credit do you offer?

How do I get started?

What do I have to do to earn credit for a session?

How much credit can I earn at IMPACT?

When will I receive my credit?

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